Friday, January 6, 2012

5th semester

Here are the paintings and prints I made this semester at The University of Virginia. 

 an experiment with acrylic paint 24" x 36" on canvas
 oil painting of my car at night. My main objective was to try to make the lights look like they glowed. I was pleased with that at least. 24" x 24" on canvas.

The next 5 pieces are a suite of prints made with spray paint. The assignment was to examine the modern day coffee shop and how it is no longer used as a forum for discussion.

The next two prints will be featured in a collaborative artists' book that will be collated next semester. When creating these prints, I was given a set of guidelines, such as working in columns, considering a CMYK color palette, and trying to incorporate the theme and style of a cook book. 

 an abstract composition in the works. 18 x 24 acrylic paint on canvas.

 A self portrait for my painting class. I had to incorporate an object. The gas mask seemed fitting since I wear it whenever I am around the art building. 36" x 36" oil on canvas.

 An unfinished painting I am doing on the top of an old table that someone threw out when I was moving into my new apartment. I thought it was a beautiful piece of wood, so I hacked off the top and started painting it. its about 24" x 36" and I am using acrylic.
 This is a collage of different spray painted pieces. It was done on extremely low quality paper which did not recieve the paint well. While I am pleased with the concept, the execution was lacking.
18" x 24" collage on cardboard.

As usual, I hope you all enjoy!